Lack Of Burial Space Gives Way To Diamond Rings

People come and go, but memories never fade away is a rightly said line by some scholar. Memories can make people live for years, even without the person. When a snap can make you remember the best moments with your loved ones, diamonds will make you feel their presence. On recent times, western countries due to lack of space for burial have taken to cremate your loved ones. And with this cremated ashes you can make yourself a ring or a pendant or any stone you want your loved one to be in. The ashes turn into diamonds under artificial process. Basically, the carbon from the ashes is what makes it alike the real earth mined diamonds.

Emotion is more precious than materialism
These diamonds are no less real than the mined ones neither they are less precious than the mined ones. Instead making the artificial ones need more effort and coating than the natural ones. The synthesis process is more strenuous and tedious than the natural one. And there makes its price go higher and makes it even more precious materialistically.

The idea of having our loved one’s last remnants as a part of the decorating element for us is definitely unique and emotional. Believing or not it is a kind of connection that tends to develop between the two souls, understanding the presence of each other everyone you wear that piece of jewelry. And thereby the ashes to diamond cost become expensive.

How are these ashes changed to costly diamonds?
These cremated ashes are changed to costly diamonds through different technical procedures. The mandatory point that keeps in mind is its likeness to the natural ones. Howsoever it is artificial; it often becomes more precious to the owners than the natural diamonds due to the emotional instinct attached to it, check this out for more ashes to diamong cremation. The basic thing which makes it alike is the effect of the carbon in the crematory ashes. The processes used are:

• Carbon extraction and
• Crystallization technology
Then it is put into different shapes and sizes which result in the gems that are ready to be set in the piece of jewelry. With this, the carbon makes it a replica of the imperishable connection between the souls. Simply the structure of the carbon is broken and altered into such pieces of precious stones and gems. As far as the originality and shine are concerned, the pressure and the temperature make it apt to call it at par with diamond. The ashes diamond which is unable to get the immense pressure and temperature underneath the earth makes through the artificial pressure and temperature given to it. The entire procedure of this pressure creation and keeping it under the required temperature requires minimum 60 days.

The cost depends on the piece of stone you are buying. The shape and sizes also come into factor when the price is concerned. Moreover, the stones are not alone; they are fitted to customized designs of jewelry which adds on to that cost definitely. Its price value might not be more than the natural pieces of diamond, but its importance is much more than the decorative diamonds. Thus, ashes to diamond cost, higher than fossils to diamonds.

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