Every girl wants to wear one of those specially designed beautiful ball dresses in her lifetime. Wearing a designer ball dress has always been in vogue. This trend of wearing a designer ball dress is never going to stop. To demonstrate designer’s aesthetics on a larger platform, various fashion shows or events are organized for designers to showcase their talent by revealing their beautifully executed ball gowns. These designer made ball dresses are then flaunted by models who walks on ramp wearing these mind blowing ball gowns which can be worn on different kinds of events be it weddings or birthdays, bridal showers or prom night, etc. Similarly, in recently held fashion events such as Cannes and Met Gala, models and actresses flaunted their designer made ball dresses.


We all agree that even watching a designer evening gowns hire is a pleasant and enchanting sight but we rarely know how much of the effort and hard work goes behind the curtains to make those alluring dresses. The making of a single ball dress requires at least a team of two hundred to three hundred people, these people put their minds together to create something spectacular. Firstly an idea is introduced by the designer himself, then this idea is discussed among creative heads to put it in the form of image. After that sketch of the ball dress is drawn, where changes are made again and again as to attain a perfect sketch. Soon after completing the sketching part, fabric department heads come together for the selection of a perfect fabric for the ball dress. Various pieces are put side by side, few of them gets selected. Then these pieces are pinned down on a mannequin rather than being sewed so that changes can be made when required. If the ball gown made matches the original idea of the designer then it is sewed and put into its final shape.

Due to the hard work with which such gowns are made, they are sold in heavy amounts making them almost inaccessible for middle class. Hence, such class keep dreaming about them, hoping that one day they also will be able to wear them. To fulfill dreams of such people, replicas are made, which even though does not prove to be exact copy but still it somewhat compensate the situation. But there is another way to wear actual designer made ball dress, which is to hire them for a day instead of purchasing them.


Wearing a designer made ball dress is every girl’s fantasy. The amount of effort that is put in making these dresses is worthy of all the hype that is created about these ball gown. Kristen K Wardrobe has made it easier for girls to fulfill their dream of putting this dress on them selves by making the designer ball dress hire Perth accessible for every class. They provide wide range of ball dresses with various alluring colors.

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